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Penalties for drug offenses depends on different factors

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Drug Charges

There are many different types of drugs and various reasons that people in Colorado take those drugs. Some are pain relievers, some are depressants, some increase energy or keep people awake. Others may be specifically for controlling the symptoms of an illness or to rid the body of what is causing an illness. Many times when people take these drugs it is pursuant to a prescription and when people do this it is perfectly legal.

There are many types of drugs that are never prescribed for medical purposes though. People also take drugs that may be prescribed, but they take them without a valid prescription. When people take drugs in this manner, it is illegal and people could face serious consequences for drug possession charges. The potential penalties depend on a number of different factors though.

Potential penalties for drugs

Drugs in Colorado are placed into five different categories known as schedules. The drugs in schedule I are considered the most dangerous drugs that have a high likelihood of addiction and no medical uses. Drugs in schedule V are the least dangerous and carry the least severe penalties if they are convicted of possessing those drugs. The amount of the drug people possess also affects the potential penalties.

There is a special set of rules for possession of marijuana though. Possession of one ounce or less is legal and possessing between one and two ounces is a petty offense and only results in a fine. Possessing more than two ounces can result in criminal charges which increase the more people possess.

There are many people who take drugs in Colorado. Sometimes it is legal and sometimes it is illegal. If people possess drugs illegally they could be charged with serious crimes. However, people who are charged have rights and may have defenses that will help them avoid a conviction. The defenses often start with whether they were legally stopped and searched by the police. Consulting with experienced attorneys who understand these defenses could be beneficial.