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Month: October 2021

Make sober decisions when pulled over for DUI

The best precaution against being pulled over for suspected DUI is staying sober before you drive or seeking a ride with a ride service or friend if you drank too much.  But if you find yourself in the legally perilous position of a DUI stop, you should take these...

When is marijuana use illegal in Colorado?

Everyone knows Colorado is a great place to live if you wish to have legal access to marijuana. Whether for medical use or recreational enjoyment, residents of Denver and all over the Centennial State may buy, smoke, transport, and even grow cannabis as long as they...

Fighting back against drunk driving charges

When an officer pulls a driver over, there could be a number of reasons for their actions. Sometimes their observations are based on past experiences with other drivers, a pressure to fill quotas, or just a critical view of your driving habits. At the time they...