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More on DUI penalties that drivers, other professionals face

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Many Denver residents work in trades or professions where even a first-time DUI or DWAI can be a disaster.

These people, just by being involved in their line of work, open themselves up to additional consequences for a DWAI or DUI conviction. Those who regulate their trades have chosen to see drunk or drugged driving as a sign that a person may not be fit to continue in his or her line of work.

Those who drive for a living may lose their livelihoods

For example, those who hold a commercial license will lose their ability to drive professionally after a drunk or drugged driving conviction.

Even a first offense, a commercial driver convicted of a DUI for drugs or alcohol will be disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle for 1 year.

Any further offenses will result in a lifetime loss of commercial driving privileges, although a reinstatement may be possible after many years. Those who refuse blood or breath tests face similar penalties.

It is important to keep in in mind that these penalties apply no matter what vehicle a commercial driver was operating at the time of the charge.

Others may face professional actions against for drunk or drugged driving

The regulators who oversee many other trades and professions also take drunk and drugged driving seriously. Because of even one conviction, a professional may face the possibility of disciplinary action, including a suspension or loss of the privilege to practice.

For example, medical doctors may have to report any DUI conviction to the Colorado Medical Board and face the possibility of public discipline. Likewise, attorneys also may receive professional discipline for a drunk driving conviction.

Before deciding how to handle a DUI of DWAI charge, a Colorado resident should be sure he or she understands all the consequences, including possibly losing the ability to practice his or her career or, at best, having a diminished professional reputation.