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Drug Charges

When is marijuana use illegal in Colorado?

Everyone knows Colorado is a great place to live if you wish to have legal access to marijuana. Whether for medical use or recreational enjoyment, residents of Denver and all over the Centennial State may buy, smoke, transport, and even grow cannabis as long as they...

The power of suppression in your criminal defense

Drug charges can quickly threaten to derail your future. After all, a felony conviction of this sort can hit you with significant jail or prison time, financially ruinous fines, and a criminal record that may haunt you for years or even decades to come. As frightening...

When is marijuana possession legal in Colorado?

Marijuana possession has not been considered a crime in Colorado as long as it involved two ounces or less of marijuana. However, possession larger amounts of the drug or illegally trafficking the drug remains illegal. This post will outline when marijuana possession...