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A Strong Defense Against Damaging Abuse Allegations

Few accusations, if any, are more damaging than accusations of child abuse. Our society – rightfully – looks out for children and seeks to deliver the maximum punishments to convicted child abusers. In addition to the severe criminal penalties, having a child abuse conviction on your record can keep you from seeing your children, prevent employment and haunt you for the rest of your life.

In Denver, Breckenridge, Fairplay and other Colorado communities, you can count on Albani Law, LLC, for a tenacious defense against child abuse charges. I have devoted decades to defending the accused and will work to achieve an outcome that preserves your rights, your reputation and your future.

Navigating Emotions To Discover The Facts Of The Case

Emotions run high in child abuse cases. I am skilled at sifting through the evidence to get to the root of the truth. These allegations are often false allegations by one parent who is seeking to gain the upper hand in a child custody case. In extreme cases, the accuser will even manipulate their child to parroting the accusation, putting child against parent in a court of law.

The best way to avoid such tragic circumstances is to get me working on your case as soon as possible. For example, if your child was injured while playing at the park, I can work to find witnesses or other evidence to disprove the abuse allegations you face.

Protect Your Parental Rights And Your Reputation

You cannot afford to sit idly and hope that the truth will prevail. Take concrete action today to protect what matters most to you. Call 720-800-4694 or contact me online to schedule your consultation.