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Child Abuse Allegations And Child Custody Go Hand-In-Hand

In a perfect world, mothers and fathers would set their issues aside in order to work together for the sake of their children. We do not live in a perfect world; we live in the real world, where there are parents who are willing to lie their way to their preferred outcome in child custody cases.

If you are facing allegations of child abuse in Colorado, you can count on Albani Law, LLC, to provide you with the tenacious defense you need. I have devoted decades of my career to defending the accused in the Denver metro area, Breckenridge and surrounding communities, including parents accused of child abuse in the midst of family law squabbles.

When Parents Play An Underhanded Card

Parents who are willing to lie and place their child’s relationship with their other parent at risk are extremely dangerous in child custody cases. A judge must consider both domestic violence and child abuse allegations in a custody case. Not only can they affect which parent has physical custody, but they can also place an accused’s parent at risk of not even having visitation. It is not uncommon for a parent to coach their child to parrot the allegations against their other parent, an act of betrayal that can cause lasting damage for the parent and child alike.

The only way to avoid losing custody or visitation and wind up on the receiving end of a protective order or criminal conviction – is to get in touch with a defense lawyer as soon as possible. The truth is the only antidote for such toxic behavior. I will dig through the accusations and the evidence in order to find the truth and make sure your side of the story is heard.

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