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Sex Crimes Defense

Sex Assault

Colorado’s sex assault laws are complicated. Colorado has some of the toughest sex offense sentencing laws of any state. You will face the real possibility of a life prison sentence. Albani Law, LLC, is a leader in sex assault defense. We have successfully defended over 250 life sentence sex assault cases. We can help you defend your case big time.

Sex Molestation On Children

Sex Assaults involving children are extremely complicated cases. You will want a criminal defense attorney who can help you achieve the very best outcome.

Unlawful Sexual Contact

In Colorado, unlawful sexual contact is a misdemeanor sex offense. The charge carries up to two years in the county jail, sex offense-specific probation.

Sexual Exploitation Of Children

This is an extremely serious charge. You will need top-notch defense counsel. It is unlikely that any other criminal defense attorney has the experience and knowledge in this area that we have.

Plea Bargain Or Trial

We will do our best to get you the best outcome available. Where appropriate we will even demand that the State dismiss the case against you. We will work to obtain a favorable plea bargain. If we cannot resolve your case, we stand ready to go to trial.

Act Today To Protect Your Future

Your rights, your reputation and your future are all on the line if you face accusations of a sex crime. Call 720-800-4694 today for a consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.