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The Answers You Need To Questions About Sex Crimes In Colorado

Anyone can find themselves on the wrong side of a criminal charge or a baseless or skewed accusation. When this happens, you do not need an attorney who will judge you, but one who will tenaciously defend your rights.

Below are some of the more common questions people have about sex crime charges. I hope these answers are helpful. If you need answers to your specific questions, call my office, Albani Law, LLC, at 720-800-4694. I am attorney Peter Albani, and I help people get the tough defense they deserve. You can also reach out via my website contact form, and I will be in contact with you.

What types of crimes are considered sex crimes in Colorado?

There are many. Some of the charges that are sex crimes in Colorado are: sexual assault, sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, sex molestation on children, internet sexual exploitation of a child, enticement of a child, internet luring of a child, unlawful sexual contact, and sexual exploitation of children.

The penalty will depend on the crime and, in some cases, the relationship of the accused to the person who was harmed. Not all attorneys are equipped to provide effective, proven defense in charges involving a child or child pornography. It is in your best interest in these cases especially to work with an attorney who has a focused practice in sex crimes.

What types of consequences am I facing if I am convicted of a sex crime?

This will vary depending on the charge, your record and your relationship to the accuser. If you are found guilty, then you can face a fine or jail or prison time. Some charges have mandatory minimum prison sentences. Charges involving the distribution of child pornography (a class 3 felony called sexual exploitation of a child under 18) typically result in years in prison and thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars in fines. You will also be required to remain on the sex offender registration for 20 years. Even if you do not serve time, it’s probable that you will have to register as a sex offender. Some sex crimes, if you are found guilty, will result in life in prison.

Will I have to register as a sex offender?

Due to the increase in severity and sentencing in these crimes since the 1990s, it is likely. If you are charged and found guilty of a sex crime, you will be required to have intensive supervision and register as a sex offender. In addition, you will face jail time, fines and treatment for sex offenders.

Can I ever get off the sex offender registry?

Different charges have different requirements regarding sex offender registry. If you can prove you meet all of the court-ordered therapy, probation and parole requirements; you are not considered sexually violent; you have only one conviction; and you meet the timeframe for petitioning, you may be able to be removed.

Will the police take my computer?

If law enforcement has probable cause and believes that child pornography is on your device (phone, tablet or computer), it’s very likely they will take your equipment as evidence. In most cases, the police will need a search warrant to take anything that is not found in plain view. It is important to have an attorney experienced in these cases review your charges to determine if law enforcement obtained evidence illegally.

Work With A Tenacious Attorney With A Reputation For Success

I represent a wide variety of sex crime charges. I have the knowledge, experience and thorough understanding of the law to provide you with the strong defense these charges require. Call me at 720-800-4694 if you are facing criminal sexual charges in Colorado. I represent clients throughout the Denver metro area, in Breckenridge and in Fairplay, Colorado.