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Traffic Defense

Reckless Driving Defense

We also defend against reckless driving charges. A reckless driving charge can have a significant effect on your driving privileges in Colorado.  Reckless Driving is a major traffic offense in Colorado.

Careless Driving Defense

We defend against all careless driving charges, including careless driving resulting in death, careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury, careless driving resulting in property damage or in damage to another vehicle. Careless driving is a major traffic offense in Colorado.

Driving Under Revocation Or Suspension

We defend against all charges related to the loss of a driver’s license including driving under revocation, driving under suspension, and driving without a valid operator’s license.

Eluding A Peace Officer

We defend against all eluding a peace officer offenses.

Drag Racing And Speed Contests

Yep, we can even help you defend against drag racing and speed contests.

Put An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Paying the ticket and “moving on” is not the answer. A skilled traffic defense lawyer can efficiently resolve your case and protect you from further penalties. Call 720-800-4694 today to schedule a consultation.