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Vehicular Crimes Defense

DUI/Felony Defense

Colorado has a Felony DUI Offense charge. If you have three prior DUI-related convictions, you can be charged with a Felony DUI. We routinely defend against this charge. The penalties here are steep. You can face a felony conviction and a lengthy prison sentence.

Vehicular Homicide And Assault

We defend against Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault. If a drunk driver causes death or serious injury, a charge of Vehicular Homicide or Vehicular Assault may result. These are very complicated and serious cases. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in this difficult situation.

Colorado Dui Defense

Peter Albani is a premier criminal defense lawyer in Colorado. His law firm emphasizes DUI defense, DWAI defense, Felony DUI defense, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault defense, reckless driving defense, careless driving resulting in death or injury defense, and the defense of all other traffic violations and traffic offense.

Experience Counts

Mr. Albani has practiced criminal defense for more than 35 years in Colorado. Early in his legal career, Mr. Albani was an Assistant Attorney General in Sante Fe, New Mexico. His knowledge on how a case will be prosecuted and should be defended is second to none.

Seeking Best Result Possible

Mr. Albani will guide you through each step of the criminal justice system. He will review your case with you and will seek the very best outcome possible. If a case cannot be resolved prior to trial, then Mr. Albani has the skill and experience to defend you at trial and even on appeal.

  • Mr. Albani’s legal philosophy is simple.
  • He understands our human condition.
  • All of us make mistakes.
  • None of us deserves to be judged on our worst day.
  • Each of us deserves a second chance
  • Education is better than incarceration.
  • We must judge one another carefully and fairly.

Protect Your License, Your Rights And Your Future

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