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Privacy Policy

This is Peter Albani, Attorney.  Albani Law, LLC partners with Thomson Reuters, who assist me in the management of this website. Your privacy is important to me and I will do my best to protect it.  My website allows you to leave your information so that I may contact you. As part of this initial process and in order to assist you, I do collect and review the information that you provide to me.  Furthermore, I may maintain your information.

Please know that I will not sell nor market your information. I will use your information for the purpose of contacting you to discuss your case or situation. I may share your information with other attorneys and possibly staff whom I work with and possibly ask them to contact you. By communicating with me, you agree to hold me harmless for any unintended breaches or failures of this system. You may also want to review the Thompson Reuters privacy policy.   Thank you.  Peter B. Albani